Ready for something more than a mud run? Think you got what it takes to endure 8 demanding miles of strength and endurance challenges?

Then sign up for the race and you’ll get to experience a day in the life of an aspiring Special Forces Operator known as a “Green Beret”. The race will test your mental and physical grit to tackle obstacles that require you to climb, push and pull things, crawl and run, and maybe, even be carried before you cross the finish line. We promise the Pain will be Legendary, but the sense of accomplishment will last forever!

Complete the course and earn the GBC finisher’s medal; a true mark of distinction that symbolizes your personal achievement with the SPECIAL OPS’ Series. Want to run the event as a team? No problem, sign up and create a group during registration, then invite all your friends.
Not required, but here is our recommended packing list for the event.


Wave 1 (9:00 am) – Elite Wave (both males and females)
Wave 2 (9:30 am) – Team Wave (4 people per team)
Wave 3 (10:00 am) – Individual Wave
Wave 4 (10:30 am) – Individual Wave & Team Wave (4 people per team)
Wave 5 (11:00 am) – Individual Wave
Wave 6 (11:30 am) – Individual Wave & Team Wave (4 people per team)
Wave 7 (12:00 pm) – Individual Wave & Team Wave (4 people per team)

*Need a team, register and use our Facebook page to help find one. Still can’t find a team, we will place you on a team the day of the event.

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